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Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil

Fortaleza is the capital of the state of Ceará, Brazil. It’s a vibrant coastal city known for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, and friendly atmosphere. Fortaleza boasts over 25 km of coastline, offering stunning beaches like Praia de Iracema, Praia do Futuro, and Meireles Beach, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. Experience the city’s vibrant energy through its exciting nightlife, delicious cuisine, and traditional festivals. Beyond its leisure offerings, Fortaleza is a major economic hub in northeast Brazil, with a growing business sector and a lively arts and entertainment scene. Enjoy sunshine and warm temperatures year-round, making Fortaleza an ideal destination for those seeking a tropical escape.
Fortaleza’s real estate market is currently experiencing a boom, with record sales and rising prices. In 2023 saw the city’s highest ever sales value and an 18% increase in transactions, indicating a strong market. Analysts predict a continuation of this trend in 2024. Compared to other major Brazilian cities, Fortaleza offers relatively lower property prices, making it an attractive option for investors seeking affordability. Rental rates have seen significant growth, with Fortaleza ranking as the third-highest city for rental increases in 2023. Overall, the Fortaleza real estate market presents itself as an attractive option for investors seeking affordable opportunities and individuals looking for a long-term home or rental income.

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Latest Properties of Fortaleza

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Commercial Properties

Icon Condominium – Apartment, 4 suites, 254m²

R$ 3.887.712
Icon Condominium – Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceará. Apartment 254,68m² with 4 suites and 5 park ...
4 4 254,00 m2details

Sabatini – Oceanview Apartment, 2 suites, 62m²

R$ 1.302.000
Sabatini – Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceará. Apartment 62,83m² with 2 suites and 2 parking place ...
2 2 62,00 m2details

Acqualina – Apartments, 3 suites, 153m²

from R$ 2.865.000
Acqualina – Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceará. Apartments of 153,72 m² with 3 suites and 3 parkin ...
3 4 153,00 m2details

Hemisphere – Apartments, 2-3 bedrooms, 58m² – 82m²

from R$ 853.129
Hemisphere – Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceará. 58m² – 82m² with 2-3 bedrooms + 1-2 parking ...
2 2 58,00 m2details

Ed Sintra – Apartment, 3 suites, 210m²

R$ 1.290.000
Ed Sintra – Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceará. Apartment 210m² with 3 suites and 3 parking places ...
3 3 210,00 m2details

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